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Simon Pegg and Amanda Abbington are having Cumberbatch dirty sex talk, please never stop.

Such sods

I guess I’m just an ungrateful shit-stirrer, but, um, publicly tweeting explicit, albeit joking, RPF self-insertion (pun!) slash about a celebrity friend is totes okay…however, writing on a fandom/fanfic site about Sherlock and John getting romantic and sexy is disrespectful to Benedict and Martin? Simon is a close, close friend, and obviously Amanda is Martin’s lifepartner/spouse, so is that what makes the difference? Or is it only different when a famous man initiates it and a famous woman has really witty comebacks? The mental image won’t upset Simon’s children? Or Amanda’s? Or Benedict’s, if he ever has any? I mean, it’s not weird or off-putting to Ben for a woman to publicly write about Ben’s friend and fellow actor penetrating him, as long as the woman is his pal and part of the in-gang, not some virginal teenager or unknown housewife? Or maybe….hmmm….maybe people of all types write things like this because it’s fun, or funny, or interesting, or sexy, or a momentary diversion, and nobody actually intends or wishes to disrespect the actors in the first place. Just thinking out loud, here, not trying to criticize Simon or Amanda; merely pointing out alternative readings based on previous discussions and concerns that have been made public before.

It would seem quite a few people are ticked off by this blatant double standard.

Holy shit, I’m disappointed in myself for not even realizing this. Now I am kind of angry. :(

The worst part is - I’m not even angry at them right now (maybe a bit angry at Amanda, though, with her very blatant double standards). I’m furious with interviewers, because the next time they do an interview with any  of them the inevitable question is going to be asked and then we’ll all be the bad guys again. And what the hell is this? I mean, it’s funny, and I love to see those two RP on twitter, but people calling us perverts because we’re writing fanfiction on FICTIONAL characters is a bit mad considering what they do on twitter.

Oh I’m pretty angry at them actually, well maybe not Simon so much, because in the past he’s shown to be pretty ok with shipping of any character’s he’s played. Which is awesome (thank you Simon for being an adult about this) but yeah, not cool Amanda. Actually this is the opposite of cool. 

That’s exactly it! Simon has been okay with it ever since he learned about it. Amanda? Nope. She’s been very against the idea of the whole slash fiction. Ben seems to have changed the fronts over the past few years (and I don’t blame him, to each his own, plus the interviewers and journalists can really be annoying), now he’s rather against, while he has been rather understanding at first.
So what do his friends do? They go and RP this on twitter. I mean, okay, it’s hilarious. But seriously, your double standards are annoying. At least Simon is good and as he’s always been with it. The rest of them? Not really okay.

I hear everybody here and we can have various opinions and thats ALL FINE.

I ask myself more than ask those reading this- surely they can joke about this because its their privilege? It’s about each other and they are all close enough and get each others humour.

We only see this and don’t see their private conversations and how they really feel…

A bit like I can make fun about myself with my friends and vice versa because we know each other and it’s all good fun. But if someone outside that circle of trust does it , it won’t be cool or funny.
So do we really have a say about this?
Also it’s their choice to be inappropriate or crass and even have double standards. Just because we are fans doesn’t mean we are going to like or agree with what they do in their private lives.
Twitter isn’t private but their friendship makes it a two way street to give each other shit and mess around.
It’s got nothing to do with whether we like their humour or approve of it. We are outside this. It’s not meant for us directly.

Are we not taking offence at something that is not directed at us after all?

It’s not black and white

I respect everyone’s right to think what ever they want so I’m not talking about that specifically.
Some comments should just be looked at with a grain of salt. It’s a bit of fun between Simon and Amanda.
Not Simon, Amanda and you and me and them and everyone over here and over there etc

Like I said before its more my personal observation about how as a fan we get personal with info about our admired people’s and how far to invest in various situations.

No hate here :-)

I see your point there, but. There’s always a but.
We don’t mind them fooling around with each other. It’s all fine, more than fine. And such a fun for us to witness it.
The problem lies somewhere else. Actors (and their friends/relatives/partners seem to take a great offense in us, fans, writing fanfiction and doing fanarts of fictional characters. We take them (public domain if we’re talking about Sherlock) and put them into different situations. For fun. For our pleasure. For free. We are also fooling around with them (characters). We don’t touch the real people with a 10ft stick, because we’re not allowed to do so, and we understand the boundaries (in majority, of course there are some fics on Ben/Martin, and I’m not trying to defend those, they are irrelevant to the discussion).
What angers us is not they fooling around in their tight circle and laughing about it. What angers us is the fact that when we play with fictional characters the actors seem offended by it. They seem offended because we dare to put them in a non-canonical relationships, even though for most of us those are canon. The thing that angers us is that stars take it so personally even when it’s not directed at them. None of us sends their “dirty” work to them, because it’s not for their eyes. It’s for us, and we are fooling around, in our tight circle. If they get a sneak peak, which is not that difficult, they should understand that we have a right to fool around just like they have. The fanfictions mentioned in the interviews? So far all of them were about John/Sherlock, Khan/John, etc., not Real Person Fiction, and yet…
Benedict seems to take it all a bit too personally. Again, I don’t blame him, with all the journalists throwing this into his face a man is due to get mad. BUT, it’s not our fault that interviewers are stupid and can’t do their research. If they want to portray the Sherlock Fandom, or even Benedict’s Fandom, who, after their (ours) idol not being comfortable with the nickname “Cumberbitches” changed it willingly to “CumberCollective”, who protects their personal, private life as much as we can, because they asked us to, who rise money for charities, help homeless, poor, people struggling with many issues on daily basis, if anyone wants to portray us in the media, they shouldn’t take out only PWP fanarts we create for our tight circle of Sherlockians.
Also what Amanda does is preposterous. One moment she thinks pairing John with Sherlock is just stupid, and then she proceeds to twitt withe Simon about him and Benedict, however laughable it was? This is just not right. It’s cruel for us, fans, who want to have some fun, do something for others, share some art and make the day brighter. First shit on us, then do a thing that is equally “bad”? (Or even worse in a sense?)
That’s why we’re angry, not because Simon likes to fool around, because he’s a perfect human being and god forbid he ever stops.

I’m cool with everyone have their own opinions on this matter.

I would argue with the fact that this conversation between Simon and Amanda should be considered somewhat ‘private’ because it was only between them, but here’s the deal, it wasn’t. Everyone knows what twitter is, Amanda and Simon are both very aware of how many followers they each have and how quickly their tweets can spread. Posting anything on a social media website is made public instantly, and is directed towards those millions of followers. If this was meant as a bit of fun between friends, I’m sure they have each others text numbers, simply message each other. They can still joke and make as many off-colored comments as they want without it being circulated to millions of fans.

The question is, is Ben going to be just as upset with Simon and Amanda for insinuating he’s involved in a homosexual relationship as he seems to be that we are taking a character he plays and doing the same? 

Urgh, this whole situation makes me head hurt. 

I’m with Science on this — I reblogged this exchange yesterday, thought it was cute, but hadn’t even looked at this for what it is, and now I’m cranky.

Tishy, I think you’re right: the key is Benedict’s reaction. The sad part is, we won’t be privy to what that reaction is. 

But yeah, if he endorses this, he had no right condemning us. 

Here’s hoping he makes the connection quicker than I did…

Agreed. This is why I’ve always liked it better when the actors and writers and whatnot were unaware of the fandom in general. We kind of need that separation for everything to run smoothly (or as smoothly as fandom ever can run).

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